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General Meeting  10.00 am Sunday 8 April 2018, Room 4A, 4th Floor, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.

August 2012, Brisbane Workshop

Ariella Van Luyn

August 2012 workshopOn Saturday, 4th August 2012, OHAA-Qld held an oral history basics workshop at the Toowong Library.  I facilitated the workshop, and secretary Suzanne Mulligan supported me, staying for the whole day to share knowledge about interviewing, equipment, sell Oral History Handbooks and enlist new members.  The workshop moved through the steps in an oral history project, from budgeting, the basic equipment, writing information and consent forms, ethics, copyright, designing interview questions, what to do with oral histories and evaluating projects. 

Fourteen participants attended.  Robyn Elphinstone travelled all the way down from Townsville on a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant to attend, so she could collect stories froAugust 2012 workshop9-Am the Burdekin.  Ian Gray crossed the New South Wales border to join us, so he could learn how to gather the oral histories for a gay and lesbian history of Northern Rivers.  Janeth Deen and Wilma Bothwell from the Queensland Muslim Historical Association came to learn how to gather oral histories for their project to document the history of Mosques in Queensland.  Mustafa Ally, also from the Queensland Muslim Historical Association, hopes to gather memories from Muslims and migrants.  Alison Early, from the newly formed Bulimba Historical Association, plans to gather interviews to learn more about the sailing club’s history.  Tony Irwin, from the Defence force, intends to gather oral stories from veterans.  Gaye Hegeman hopes to gather oral histories to augment her creative nonfiction writing for the Kytherian Community.  Lisa Fitzgerald, from the University of Queensland (UQ) is collecting oral histories of people living with HIV, and, in the future, plans to collect oral histories about the experiences dealing with the Christchurch earthquake.  Maggie Dunbabin came back after attending a few training days last year to refresh her skills. Karina Talbott, a student at UQ, is working on a project to collect the stories of experiences volunteering in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.  Ross Gwyther, from the Brisbane Labour Association, plans to collect stories from Communist Party activists from the 1940s and 1950s.  Camilla McRae has worked for a number of years on a research project related to a community festival and will continue to gather relevant material.

August 2012 workshop4-AIt was great to hear so many diverse and valuable oral history projects are in the pipeline. It was a pleasure to support the enthusiastic participants to develop best practice methods to enrich Queensland and New South Wales’ history.