Australian Greek Project

“The University of Sydney has commenced a research study focused on multilingualism, to assess the effect of immigration on Australia’s identity. The project titled ‘Opening the Multilingual Archive of Australia’ (OMAA) is being led by Professor Adrian Vickers, with a full team of researchers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.” Read more here.

Australian wins 2023 Susan W. Schofield Oral History Award

In 2019, just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Executive Dean of Macquarie Business School Professor Eric Knight arrived at Stanford University with his wife and daughters.
As an Australian-American Fulbright Senior Scholar, he was there to investigate how American universities such as Stanford were changing the research landscape and offering a new model for the modern research university. Find out more and watch video here.

Invention of birth control

“The birth control pill traces its origins to an unexpected place: an infertility clinic. It all started in the 1950s with an odd scientific couple, two Massachusetts men known for their expertise in reproduction — not the opposite.” Read story which includes link to oral history interview here.

Obama Oral History

How will Obama’s Presidency be remembered? A massive new oral history project will help shape his legacy.  Columbia Center for Oral History Research (CCOHR) were chosen by the Obama Foundation to document President Obama’s time in the Oval Office. To accurately reflect the transformative nature of this presidency, the team set out to create a presidential oral history like no other. Read full article here.