Upcoming Workshops

Oral History Basics Workshop

No workshops planned for immediate future.  Next will be in February 2024.



We had no “face to face” workshops in 2020 due to COVID-19.

We had no workshops in 2019 as we concentrated our efforts on the National Conference, held in Brisbane in October 2019.

Workshop Reviews

The workshops shown below are not all the workshops that have been done by Oral History Queensland.  The workshops featured are the ones which have had a report written by an OHQ member.

2009, October – Oral History Workshop Day

2010, February – Oral History “Basics” Workshop

2010, April – Betty Belanus

2011, April – Advanced Oral History Workshop

2012, February – “Basics” Workshop in Toowoomba

2012, May – “Basics” Workshop in Townsville

2012, July – “Basics” Workshop in Mackay

2012, August – Oral History “Basics” Workshop

2013, May – Oral History “Basics” Workshop, Pine Rivers

2013, June – Oral History “Basics” Workshop

2016, June – iPad Workshop

2017, June – Oral History “Basics” Workshop

2024, February – Oral History Two-Day Workshop – Elaine Rabbitt