Charlie Chaplin oral history

Charlie Chaplin once said that all anyone needed to make a funny film was "a park, a policeman and a pretty girl". Chaplin failed to mention the "Tramp" costume that made him world famous. You can see one of the women — among four Chaplin married in the course of his 88 years — in a glistening, outsized black-and-white picture of Paulette Goddard with a stolen bunch of bananas from "Modern Times" in "The Chaplin Archives", a hefty book whose author calls it a "Blu-ray" high-definition tribute to the legendary comic actor and filmmaker. Produced by the specialist German-based publisher Taschen Books, this 560-page tome weighing 7 kg (15 lb) and roughly the dimensions of a small television set, can hardly be read in bed and overwhelms many cocktail tables. "What I wanted to do was make it an oral history, so it's actually Chaplin and his collaborators talking as you read the book, you're reading about the events of his life and how he made his films," Duncan told Reuters in an interview.  For full story click here.