Conservatorium to collect oral history

The Goulburn Regional Conservatorium opened its doors on Wednesday night and invited the community to come in and see what it is they really do.  Paul Scott-Williams said Rock Con would help serve as an oral history of the facility. “I think it is really important in an institution like this to start to develop a library of work that is being created and performed,” he said. “I think the saddest thing for me is when a kid gets up and gives a great performance and there is no lasting record of that. So the aim has always been to begin to create a library an oral history of this place, marking from this point on into the future, so that we can track the kinds of things that happen and you never know, we might end up recording a kid in their earliest performance who goes onto become an international star, who knows, and we will have that recording of them when they were five playing three blind mice in their concert,” he laughed. For full story click here.