Irish Life & Lore

“Over 4,000 oral history recordings have been compiled in Ireland by Maurice O’Keeffe of since 1995. Maurice and Jane O’Keeffe of Tralee, Co. Kerry set up Irish Life and Lore, an educational and commercial organisation, to record and archive oral history in Ireland. Now it’s time to share some of the best recordings with you, and allow you to listen to first hand accounts of pivotal moments in Ireland’s national and social history. The generations which went before us could never have imagined the immense change which has come about in the way we live over the past century in Ireland. The Irish Life and Lore podcasts offer the listener an opportunity to hear the voices of eye witnesses to this change, in all their individuality and authenticity, and in their manner of speaking unique to their local area.We hope you enjoy listening!” See more here and hear.