OHA (USA) Conference

Clifford Kuhn, executive director of the Oral History Association (OHA), believes it’s the duty of Oklahomans to preserve every bit of this state’s history, all from a first-person narrative.  “The Oral History Association is a national organization of people who engage in oral history interviews, recording people about their firsthand experiences of the past,” Kuhn said. “We try to improve the standards and upgrade the practices of recording oral history, elevating what people are supposed to do when they do interviews, from the equipment you need, the questions you ask, how you present the material and what you do with it. In other words, it’s not as simple as ‘Tell us about the good old days, Grandpa.’” The OHA holds an annual meeting and offers workshops designed to help and guide oral history enthusiasts, from the novice to the seasoned. The event includes presentations on the importance of oral history in the digital age, folk music as oral history and a special public event by Edward T. Linenthal, author of The Unfinished Bombing: Oklahoma City in American Memory, at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. For full story click here.