Whaling at Albany, W.A.

Those with memories of Albany’s whaling history are being urged to share them before it is too late. Albany’s Historic Whaling Station’s new project aims to paint a picture of what life was like before the end of the whaling industry 41 years ago. It’s hoped the Whaler’s Tales: Oral Histories of Albany’s Past Whaling Community project can expand on the station’s small oral history collection, while those with a direct connection to the era are still alive. For full story click here.

Australian Whaling

In the conservation movement there is a story still told of the whaler with a heart, the Australian harpooner who, swayed by the 1970s Save the Whale campaign, turned his back on the killing.  It is unlikely that many, except for a handful who were there, will remember his name or even believe he existed.  But exist he did.