BBC in World War II

Documents and interviews, released by BBC History, include plans to replace Big Ben’s chimes with a recorded version in the event of an air attack. This would ensure the Germans did not know their planes were over Westminster. BBC programmers would also play music to contact Polish freedom fighters. Read full story, with videos and link to the website here.

British Library Listening Project

Over 350 intimate conversations recorded by people across the UK for the project, which launched last year as a partnership between the British Library, BBC Radio 4 and BBC local and national radio stations, are now available in full on the British Library’s Sounds website. Covering people’s thoughts and experiences of everything from race and ethnicity, to the Iraq War, adoption and even plastic surgery, the snapshot of the nation will now be preserved indefinitely for future generations. Over 700 people have taken part in the project, which asks people up and down the country to share their thoughts and feelings in a recorded conversation on a subject of their choice. For full story with link to the website click here.  This site is also on our Delicious page.