China Stories

” A decade ago, when my husband and I brought our now 13-year-old daughter home to Texas we had a clear understanding of our decision to adopt from China. The One Child Policy, enacted in 1992 as a population control measure there, had collided with a long-held cultural preference for boys, leaving thousands of girls abandoned in a country where adoption was little understood. ” Read full story here.

Coca-Cola in China

The Coca-Cola Company re-entered China in 1979 after a three-decade absence following the Communist takeover. Today, it is the company’s third-largest market, soon to be its biggest. This is the story, as told by executives who were part of the push.  Coca-Cola’s reentry into China was a minor revelation. In 1979, thirty years after the Communist Party’s takeover when foreign brands were kicked out, China’s economy was just starting to open. The symbolism of red and white bottles in Red China rang heavy: The country was announcing itself open to foreigners, foreign trade, and even a touch of capitalism.  For full story click here.