Record Family Histories

Preserving these stories, as audio and video computer files, fills in the fine grain of history that is often missed. And you and your family also have a “history” worth recording and preserving. You may have seen the popular PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. and thought, “I wonder what is in my family’s history.” Your own oral history project could help fill in that story. Read more here.

Record your family history

Many people have pieced together their own family tree. But how much do you really know about the early lives of your living relatives, especially those with decades of stories to share?  To learn more, take the time to talk during family gatherings over Thanksgiving and the holiday season. And make sure to save that oral history for future generations: Record and preserve it with a multimedia digital archive, with video or audio, or with both. Here are five simple steps to get you started.  Read full article here.

African American stories

Who are your people?  It’s a question that dogged Juleanna Richardson ever since an elementary school teacher in Newark, Ohio asked her class to tell where their families had come from.  Richardson listened as her white classmates shared stories of their European origins, then offered a half-hearted answer that betrayed her own lack of knowledge of her family history. For full story click here.

ANZAC Family History

According to the Australian War Memorial, there is already increased interest in Gallipoli and the Western Front, and there will be a spike in public inquiries as 2015 approaches.  Jennie Norberry, the AWM's manager of information services, believes that a general interest in family history, boosted by a television genealogy series, during the past 10 years is contributing to greater curiosity about family military history.  For full story with video click here

Our American Family

Steve Young, is the producer of a documentary series, Our American Family.  Our American Family is a new documentary project for PBS viewers, telling the stories of everyday families from the first half of the 1900’s, in the voices of those who grew up in that time.  See this web site.  [This would be a good idea for the ABC to do on Australian families.]