COVID-19 stories (USA)

“We’re living through history. Just as we pore over photographs and narratives of people in the past, those in the future will be curious about what we’re doing right now, sheltered at home or on the front lines. We may have a responsibility to document our experiences, even if just for our own descendants.” This story about historical societies in USA are collecting items and voices about COVID-19, read more here.

More institutions in USA collecting for COVID-19 here. Also a document, COVID-19 capsule, which can be downloaded and completed for children and adults here.

Importance of Local History

Louise Prowse (pictured) is PhD Candidate from Sydney University looking at the significance of local history and has chosen five towns as case studies for her thesis, including Gilgandra and Mudgee.  Louise is looking at how history is recorded since the 1950s, in local historical societies, museums, buildings and local media.  In the radio interview at this site she talks about the importance of local history and how oral history has improved the status of that history.  For full story and to download the interview, click here.