1918 Flu Pandemic in Ireland

Oral history has become important to my work on the history of this influenza pandemic in Ireland, to understand what happened to families. Without the human voice, the statistics for death and sickness from disease are dry, skeletal bones of the story. Newspapers add in the sinews, the connectivity showing how and when it arrived, and where it spread next, and how the government, the health system and communities were coping. Read the full story here.

Boston College Project – arrest of Gerry Adams

There has been a lot in the news this week about the arrest of Gerry Adams as a result of disclosures in the Boston College Project.  This project interviewed both sides of the conflict in Ireland during what some call "The Troubles".  Here is a list of articles including an ABC radio interview which will give you a good picture showing what has happened and why:

Belfast Project

Boston Tapes

BC's Oral History

ABC radio interview with Ed Moloney

Lessons Learned – transcript of web chat

Gerry Adams' arrest threatens peace

Oral History can survive Boston College issue

Police Seek All the Belfast Project Tapes