More than just a podcast

“Podcasts have soared in popularity in recent years, and now University of Texas students are getting into the act. Honors College freshmen have collaborated to create podcasts for Storytelling Across Media, a course taught by Honors College lecturer Amy Hauck.

The mission of the course is to “explore the literary legacy of storytelling as a way to actualize identity, preserve history, provide social testimony, cultivate empathy, encourage social responsibility, and generate knowledge through engaging and sharing narrative.”

The three cohorts that have taken the course have engaged in multifaceted ways to study fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and multimedia. However, the primary emphasis was given to oral history as they explored the power of narrative.” Read more here which includes a link to the resulting podcasts.


Podcasting is a growing phenomenon in Australia.  Although radio is still the dominant audio platform (88% of Australians aged 12+ having listened to AM/FM/DAB+ in the last week, up from 85% and outpacing the U.S.’s 65%), more and more people are turning to podcasts.  Read more here.