Talking Fish


Member, Hamish Sewell, has produced a feature length radio broadcast which is to play on Hindsight this Sunday the 14th August at 2pm and then the following Thursday 18th August at 1pm.  It’s been a long process working material together from out of an oral history project in which he has been engaged for the best part of a year as both an oral historian and radio producer. Talking Fish (the name of the OH project) has had partnership with the Murray Darling Basin Authority, Queensland Fisheries and UTS in Sydney and material will soon be placed in Qld and NSW state libraries.
The oral history project sought to collect a myriad of stories along the entire Murray Darling river system from people who fish or who have had a close relationship with the river systems. Many people –  fishers, fisher families, aborigines, pastoralists etc,  were recorded creating a rich bed of material. Working OH into radio does, however, present a number of problems. This piece is something of a hybrid between radio and OH. Listeners are invited to tune in and listen or even give feedback on the Hindsight blog (click on the story and leave comments).