Three American War Veterans Tell Their Stories

Originally organized in 1865 by freed slaves to honor Union Civil War dead in Charleston, South Carolina, First Decoration Day evolved into Memorial Day, a federal holiday to honor Americans who died in all wars while serving in the armed forces. Today on Memorial Day we take the time to remember and celebrate men and women who have given their talents, their time and, too often, their lives to serve their country.  During World War II, the entire Martha’s Vineyard community mobilized to support the War effort, both on the home front and overseas. At the Martha’s Vineyard Museum the personal stories of Vineyard people who survived the war years are a part of the Museum’s oral history collections. These stories bring alive the horror and confusion of battle, the exhilaration of victory and the shared sacrifice and anxiety experienced by those on the home front.  For full story, including excerpts from interviews, click here.