Voices of the Pandemic

“The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to reconsider the most basic elements of how we live and move around. It’s tested us in ways we are only beginning to understand, and it’s taught us things about ourselves we might not have expected. In this series, we’ll hear from those at the front lines fighting this disease, as well as the many people impacted by the crisis in so many ways. And we want to hear your story. What have you learned? What decisions have you faced? How are you thinking differently about your future? Most of all, how are you surviving?” Listen to these interviews here.

COVID in Long Island, New York

“Listen to episodes of Life Under Coronavirus: Long Island’s Helpers, Newsday’s podcast on the pandemic hosted by Mark Chiusano and produced by Amanda Fiscina. It’s a look into how Long Islanders are meeting the challenge of COVID-19. Each episode features a Long Islander talking about his or her experience with coronavirus, with a focus on what people are doing to help. Join us to hear upbeat stories that show how LI is getting by under disease lockdown, an oral history for the period when this is all over.” Listen here.

Corona Diaries

“Members of the 2019 Nieman group have launched a platform for audio stories from around the world about how people are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Few people’s lives are untouched by the coronavirus pandemic and, as the world continues to grapple with the health, social, and financial implications of the crisis, everyone has a story to tell about these unprecedented times.” Read full story here and follow the link to the website to tell your own story, or go straight to the website here.

Americans in Great Depression

A sudden crisis turns the world upside down. Millions are thrown out of work. People despair and dread the future.That was the grim scenario many Americans faced almost a century ago after the 1929 stock market crash triggered the Great Depression. And many people are experiencing it today as the coronavirus pandemic ravages the US and the rest of the world.Commentators have drawn parallels between our current time and the 1930s, saying the pandemic could trigger the same type of economic and political upheaval that marked the Depression. But there’s another part of that era that can illuminate the present: Lessons from those who somehow managed to emerge from the Depression with their optimism — and in some cases, their finances — intact. For full story click here.

Michigan COVID-19 Project

“The Michigan History Center has announced a new collecting initiative that gives residents the opportunity to share stories that reflect their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the benefit of future generations. The COVID-19 pandemic is a critical moment in history, and the Michigan History Center is committed to documenting – through objects, archival materials, stories and experiences from diverse Michiganders – how the coronavirus is affecting Michigan residents in the workplace, at home, in communities and in many other settings.” Click here for full article. Also click here to see the website.