A COVID-19 Project

“There are many across the Ozarks eager to put 2020 in their rear view mirror and forget it even existed, but one local history focused website is looking to preserve what life was like in the time of pandemic. “COVID-19 Diaries: Life in the Ozarks During the 2020 Pandemic” will record short videos of Ozarks residents providing an oral history of the way the pandemic impacted them, their family, their work, and their social circle.” This is an example of a COVID project, read the full story here and see the website here.

Corona Diaries

“Members of the 2019 Nieman group have launched a platform for audio stories from around the world about how people are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Few people’s lives are untouched by the coronavirus pandemic and, as the world continues to grapple with the health, social, and financial implications of the crisis, everyone has a story to tell about these unprecedented times.” Read full story here and follow the link to the website to tell your own story, or go straight to the website here.

Pandemic in New York City

A tribute to a Jackson Heights bike shop, a diary entry from a teenager and a rainbow painted by 4-year-old “Lizzy” are among the items, stories and oral histories being collected by some of New York’s cultural institutions to capture life in the city during the pandemic. With every day in flux and guidance evolving on how to conduct life, researchers, oral historians and archivists say it’s essential to document snippets of the wide range of experiences New Yorkers are having. For full story click here.

Michigan COVID-19 Project

“The Michigan History Center has announced a new collecting initiative that gives residents the opportunity to share stories that reflect their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the benefit of future generations. The COVID-19 pandemic is a critical moment in history, and the Michigan History Center is committed to documenting – through objects, archival materials, stories and experiences from diverse Michiganders – how the coronavirus is affecting Michigan residents in the workplace, at home, in communities and in many other settings.” Click here for full article. Also click here to see the website.